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For over 20 years, Mann Formulations has provided a holistic approach to health and wellness not only for human beings but also for our beloved animals. Dr. Laura MannDoctor of Oriental MedicineLicensed Acupuncturist and Master of Herbology has developed a full line of chemically free, all natural supplements for people, pets and horses, designed to promote optimal health and longevity. Mann Formulations uses only the highestpremium-grade ingredients in terms of purity and potency, in their most absorbable forms and always organic whenever available. Dr. Mann is an innovator in the world of preventative natural supplementsholistic treatment of varying health challenges and natural nutrition.  She maintains the approach that synthetic preservatives, chemicals and artificial additives are unnecessary and counterproductive and carry with them a host of undesirable side effects.  Mann Formulations ingredients are tested for purity, checking, for example, for heavy metals, such as mercury and lead, and toxins such as pesticides, mold and bacteria. Potency is assured by testing for active ingredient levels.

Our animals mean the world to us and we would do anything to keep them happy and healthy for a very long time.  Mann Formulations has developed a full line of dog, cat and horse supplements with the same holistic approach in mind; all natural supplements, made of the highest, premium, human-grade ingredients. Dr. Laura Mann's full line of natural animal supplements addresses many common issues experienced by our “best friends.” These include skin and coat problems, arthritis, pain, gastrointestinal health, allergies, parasites and many more.

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